In Store we have a wide range of household essentials. Customers can refill containers with liquid cleaning fluids from toilet cleaner to surface sanitiser and washing up liquid. Also check out the  Ecoleaf dishwasher tabs with a water soluble coating to cut out the plastic wrapping you usually find inside the box.

We also stock ‘ingredients’ to make your own cleaning products such as bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.


Biodegradable cleaning accessories include:


Non sponge dish cleaning options (did you know a conventional sponge scrubber never biodegrades!)

Flat scrubbies

Econut coconut dish brush

Wooden bottle cleaners

LoofCo coconut bristle brushes and vegetable scrubbers.


We stock trusted brands such as Ecofleaf and Bio D that are non toxic and vegan, hence further reducing impact on the environment at large and in the home also.

We also stock a lovely local brand “Green Goddess” full of essential oils, making housework a wonderfully uplifting aromatherapy experience!