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Store Next Door is the sister shop of Store Brighton and was born out of growing customer demand for more product choice on their journey to reduce waste in their homes, choosing refilling and reusing over recycling wherever possible. Store Next Door aims to give options for anyone wishing to live a more sustainable, plastic free lifestyle by offering an expanded range of bodycare, hair care, household cleaning products, laundry detergents and eco homeware and gifts.

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Many of our products are available for refilling your own containers or come packaged in glass or aluminium. We pride ourselves on stocking as many local producers as possible and aim to be showcasing the work of local artists and makers on rotation. By opening our second shop we have also created space in Store to build upon our food and drink product ranges. Together, Store and Store Next Door provide a one stop, convenient location to fulfill your refill needs!

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In our household section we have chosen to stock a range of refillable liquids supplied by Sesi and Fill. These are smaller but growing companies who offer a fully circular system. This simply means that they take away the empty 20 litre drums, wash them, refill and return. 

Products available under this system are: 

Non bio laundry liquid

Fabric conditioner (cologne)

Hand wash and delicate laundry liquid

All purpose household cleaner (lavender and rosemary)

Spray bathroom cleaner (dandelion)

Spray kitchen cleaner (grapefruit)

Floor cleaner (bergamot)

White vinegar Glass cleaner (seagrass and lotus)

Toilet cleaner (eucalyptus)

Cream cleaner Rinse Aid 

All of these products are non toxic, no nasties and not harmful to the environment. 

Alongside these we have Citric Acid and Bicarbonate of Soda which are super versatile for green cleaning, great at tackling limescale and key ingredients for making your own natural cleaning products. 

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Ecoegg laundry egg Laundry stain remover

Biodegradable bin bags

Dishwasher tablets with water soluble coating 

Kitchen Swaps

We have a selection of like for like kitchen swaps to replace sponges, wipes and microfibres cloths.

This includes: 

Coconut fibre dish brushes/ pan scrubbers and bottle brushes.

Wooden dish brushes with replaceable heads.

Coconut shell vegetable scrubbers.

Compostable cleaning cloths.

Reusable dishcloths. Loofah cleaning pads.

Copper scorers and cloths. 

Other household items are: 

Wooden sweeping brooms

Metal dustpan with handbrush

Natural fibre toilet brush and metal holder

Compost caddies with carbon filter for odours

Wooden milk bottle brushes

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Face & Bodycare


We pride ourselves on offering products for face and body that suit all budgets without compromising on quality or ethics. Product lines will vary over time as we are constantly researching new options (check Store news for updates) but, our staple products include:


*Green Goddess facial cleanser (removes make up), Rose and Orange facial wash and Body Cream, all available in pump dispenser and on refill.


*Essential Blend range comprising Luxury Rose face Cream, Clarifying Cleansing Balm, Rose Gentle Exfoliator, Nourishing face oil and Serum, Natural Deodorant paste.


Laughing Bird reasonably priced selection of face cream, hand cream, foot cream and body creams. Divine fragrances include Rose and Honey, Patchouli and Lime, Moringa and Bilberry, Lavender and Chamomile. Also includes lip balms.


Face care accompaniments:


*The Konjac Sponge - one of our best sellers! Konjac is a South Korean root vegetable which is magically turned into a very gently exfoliating sponge that, being plant based, biodegrades easily when it eventually wears out (this takes months). Can be used with or without soap or cleanser.


Washable Make Up Wipes - another favourite. Very simply the idea is to replace cotton wool pads with theses reusable wipes, we usually have a selection in stock which can be bought with a mesh wash bag so they don’t go astray in the wash!


Alongside these you can find Hand Knitted Face Cloths* , gentle Cleansing Soap bars and deep cleansing Clay Face Masks from Agnes and Cat available in different preparations to suit all skin types.


Body Cleansing


Most of our body wash offering is on refill and is hugely popular with our customers. Our main stay favourites are the Faith in Nature and Alter Native (Suma) ranges. All infused with heavenly essential oils you can choose from Lavender and Geranium, Grapefruit and Orange, Coconut, Cedarwood and Coffee and Coconut and Argan Oil. Fragrances do vary from time to time depending on availability.


And of course there’s nothing like a bar of soap for getting back to basics! Choose from Friendly Soaps, Wild Sage n Co and Alter Native glycerin soaps. We have a natty selection of soap dishes and soap pouches too. Liquid Hand Soap also available on Refill.


Exfoliate with one of our natural sisal body brushes, bamboo massage mitts, sisal massage strap or natural loofah.


And why not try *Floatspa Epsom Salts and Epsom Salt Bath Bombs, full of magnesium for muscle relaxing, good for detoxing and reducing skin irritation and inflammation.


Hair Care


Again, our shampoo and conditioner range are very popular on Refill. Faith in Nature and Suma being our main suppliers for these.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are also gaining in popularity. Friendly offer a budget family option and Non Plastic Beach a more luxurious, no residue choice depending on your needs.


Also, Bamboo combs and a selection of hairbrushes made from FSC certified, sustainable beechwood.


Dental Care


*Georganics activated charcoal or English peppermint toothpaste in a glass jar.

*Truthpaste fennel or peppermint and wintergreen toothpaste in a glass jar.

Bamboo Toothbrushes for kids and adults.

Natural mouthwash, silk Dental Floss with Refill option, bamboo interdental brushes and handy toothbrushing timers (2 minutes) for kids.


*denotes local producer/supplier.




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The mainstays of our home and gift ware items are:


Essential oil selection from established local purveyors of all things aromatherapy, Tisserand.

We stock the top twenty oil fragrances and can always order any specific requests you may
have. Plus, there is a choice of pulse point roller balls, base oils and oil blends for burning or diffusing. We also have burners and diffusers too.

Uplifting and room refreshing space sprays from Essential Blend
Heavenly scented plant wax candles from Agnes and Cat and The Self Care
Tealights, dinner candles, incense sticks, lavender eye masks.
A selection of books related to sustainable living.

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Travelling/communting/holidaying/festival going/just going into town.....all of these trips, longor short will probably involve eating and/or drinking on the hoof so we have all the gear toprepare you for any journey, long or short, to help you stop reading for the eversoconvenient but potentially throw away coffee cup/plastic water bottle/plastic cutlery set etc.


Stylish reusable coffee cups from Frank Green (ceramic outer, insulated to keep your drink hot or cold) and the classic glass KeepCups, one of the first companies to introduce this kind of product to coffee culture.


Mintie stainless steel lunch box with divider and snack pot included, beautifullyproduced by local Shoreham company Environmental Life.


The ever popular Chillys bottles - 12 hours hot, 12 hours cold.


For more urban chic check out the Black n Blum food flask, perfect for hot soups and stews. Also in this range we have the super cool water bottle and cutlery set.



items include metal and bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery, stainlesssteel cups, lunch bags made from recycled plastic, sandwich wrappers and beeswaxwraps.


Local Artists and Makers

We love to stock locally made items from makers and artists in our area. We aim to feature at least one artist every two months who can use our space to showcase their work.

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253E Ditchling Road


East Sussex


T: 01273 809521

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