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In Store we take time to choose from the many wonderful natural, plastic and chemical free products out there. Our range of tried and tested products (by us!) are made from sustainable ingredients, often vegan and contain zero toxins, making them not only kind to the planet but suitable for most skin and hair types, no matter how sensitive.

Face & Bodycare

Facial cleansers, muslin cloths, exfoliating powder, face and eye cream.

Body butters infused with heavenly essentials oils, hand cream/balm and lotion.

Aluminium and paraben free deodorants in push up stick, refillable powder or paste.

Haircare & Toiletries

Shampoo and conditioner in liquid refills - fragrance free, rose and geranium, mint and eucalyptus.

Refillable shampoo and conditioner powder in a tin.

Shampoo and conditioner bars.

Body wash - lemongrass or lavender

Apple Cider Vinegar - can be used as a rinse after shampooing.

Gentle soap bars and liquid hand soap refills.

Cotton ear buds

Exfoliating soap pouch

Bath time loofah

Washable make up pads

Washable sanitary pads

Menstrual cups

Unisex shaving kits - razors, brushes, soap, blades


Toothpastes in a jar - charcoal activated, spearmint, fennel, wintergreen and mint.

Bamboo toothbrushes for adult and kids